Thursday, August 04, 2005

Well, I'm off on an extended summer jaunt. My first stop is the Canmore Folk Festival (which, tho' one of the smallest, is perhaps the best folk festival in North America). I'm sure I'll be hearing many a guitar! Shortly after that, I drive down to the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (near Seattle) for a week of guitar playing. After "guitar camp", I'll laze about on "the Sound" for a few glorious days and then head off to the Healdsburg Guitar Festival -- to show guitars for a while. I'll stick around the Bay Area for a bit, no doubt, and then commence the long drive home. There'll be many stops along the way -- and I won't be back in the shop until the very end of August!

In Healdsburg, I'll only have a couple of guitars -- my own personal C-size guitar (not for sale!) and a lovely E (long scale, 1 3/4" at the nut, with a soft cutaway). The woods on the E are rather spectacular, if I do say so myself -- extensive and bookmatched (yet subtle!) bearclaw sitka for the top and some wild cocobolo for the back and sides. And it's got a very fun (I think!) inlay on the headstock -- Canadian geese (and goslings). If you're in Healdsburg, you can see it. Most likely, after the show, that guitar will head off to Gryphon -- where you can not only see it but hear it. (If you've been to the Healdsburg show before, you'll know what a din there can be!)

Aside from that guitar, other guitars of mine that are still "out there, looking to be adopted" are:
-- a long-scale E cutaway in sitka and Indian rosewood that's at Music Emporium
-- a short-scale B in sitka and koa (with an owl inlay on the headstock) at Guitar Gallery
-- maybe something at the Guitar Shop?
Check out their websites to see what's available.

See you on the road!

Monday, April 04, 2005

As mentioned on the ordering page, I've decided to close the wait list until further notice. Three years is just too long!

Currently, to my knowledge, The Guitar Shop has a Threet or two, Music Emporium does as well. Both Gryphon and Guitar Gallery will be getting guitars soon. Check the ordering page for links to those stores.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Well, despite my best intentions, this page has gotten very stale. Time to remedy that!

News around the shop: In January, I expanded my shop's "footprint" by about 125 sq. ft. and, in that space created a "dust room". (Not that the rest of the shop isn't dusty!) The room now houses the bandsaw, a new beltsander, a 25" Performax thickness sander (!) -- and the dust collector. With any luck, all this will speed up production (even just a tad...) and be worth all the time and added expense...

Healdsburg '03: I'm thrilled to say I've been accepted to exhibit Healdsburg, CA this coming summer. It's a great show, run by great folks and, if you haven't been, you should plan to go! (Think: summer days in California's wine country... amidst gorgeous instruments and friendly luthiers... What could be more fun?)

The T.C. connection: Many thanks to Tracy Chapman for most (if not all) the press I've received of late. She's released a great new CD and has been playing her Threet A on her promotional tour. I'm very honoured. And many thanks, too, to Gryphon (especially Willie) for putting that guitar into her hands a couple of years ago!

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Welcome to Threet guitars' entirely re-worked website! I'm thrilled with it
-- but do let us know if you encounter any difficulties with it.

In other news,
1) Gryphon will soon be receiving a new Threet guitar. It's a long-scale C,
in Indian rosewood, with (if I do say so myself) a lovely headstock inlay of
aspen leaves.

2) A note to guitar builders (and other enthusiasts): If you're not yet a
member of ASIA (, you should be! Our magazine
("guitarmaker") is full of interesting stuff -- in-depth articles, photos,
tips... The most recent issue (#44) has a stellar article (by yours truly)
describing the jig I use for making bridges...

3) I'll be away a bit in August. First, there's the Canmore Folk Festival
(my favourite festival), then there's a guitar camp in central BC. Should be
lots of fun!